Sartoria Ciclistica, located on the beautiful Lake Como in Italy, has been one of our most enjoyable INK by Black Sheep projects. We were proud to be a part of this unique international fixed gear racing team, our first overseas instalment, who raced globally and to honour the free spirit within every bike rider.

look sharp.

Italy has given much to world cycling (née the world). Cologne (aftershave to the ignorant), Fausto Coppi, the Espresso machine, talking with your hands, Campagnolo, the Pirelli calendar and our all-new Euro Collection. Even the jacuzzi. And now, an international fixed gear racing team clad in Black Sheep – Sartoria Ciclistica.

If you got your mouth around that, feel free to continue. Still there? Great. Because we are incredibly proud to have broken borders to bring you the next chapter of our 'Made in Italy' story. Birthed on the shores of Lake Como, this three-man, one-woman team is a partnership with Como's best and first bike cafe, Sartoria Ciclistica, and a number of other exciting supporting partners. Namely, Giant Bicycles ItaliaMitchumm IndustrieswefouragencyAlba Optics and Chimpanzee Nutrition, who, with this collaboration, are all contributing to the progression, professionalism and popularity of the sport we love.